Why fénix Hemp Flowers?

We truly believe this plant was put on this earth to help lives & that's why we're so passionate about ensuring you only get HIGHEST quality possible. Starting from the source, we personally hand pick our artisanal hemp flowers directly from department of agriculture licensed farms who grow organically, sustainably, ethically, & 100% federally legally. We test not only for potency, but go several steps ahead of the market by testing for your safety like pesticides, heavy metals, & mycotoxins (mold). Every flower batch is then hand sorted to select only the best nugs & then hand trimmed with loving hands. You end up with beautiful looking buds that have rich & vibrant noses, each strain being distinct in its terpene profile. Our hemp sticks use only fresh crushed buds & are micro batched to ensure maximum freshness & terpene content. Expect only the best from fénix. From our small family start up to yours, we sincerely hope you enjoy our products. Have a beautiful day!