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  • CBD (Cannabidiol) Molecule

    What is CBD?

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    CBD, short for Cannabidiol, is a chemical compound that naturally comes from Cannabis Sativa. This is one of the many chemical compounds, classified as phytocannabinoids (phyto-plant), that provides various health and medicinal benefits.

    Unlike its cousin THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), CBD does not make the user feel high. In fact, CBD counteracts the unwanted psychoactive properties of THC, including paranoia, anxiety, spacey thinking, etc.

    How Can CBD Help?

    If you struggle with chronic health issues, whether mild or severe, CBD may just be the answer to finding relief. It serves as a powerful antioxidant with anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective properties. So, even if you don’t suffer from chronic health issues, it can be useful to take as a dietary supplement as it can promote longevity and general wellness. It can work as a healthier alternative to painkillers like Advil or Tylenol. It also can help boost your athletic performance and post-workout recovery!

    CBD also can alleviate symptoms of severe ailments such as epilepsy, cancer, lupus, and much more.

    Are There Side Effects to using CBD?

    This is one of the best parts of CBD… unlike many medications, especially pharmaceuticals, there are no known “dirty” side effects that come with using it. The most a person might experience using CBD is sleepiness, dry mouth, and lightheadedness.

    However, if you are currently on pharmaceuticals or daily medication, it would be wise to consult with your doctor before starting CBD. Recent studies have found that another side effect of using CBD is that it inhibits the cleansing system of the liver, known as the cytochrome P-450 enzyme system. By inhibiting this system, it stops the liver from being able to filter the other medications you may be on. This can lead to unwanted side effects or even overdose.

    While CBD isn’t a cure, it can be a powerful tool to add to your healing regimen. It is important to do your research before buying any CBD products.

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